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Congratulations on graduating! Now, what’s next?

July 20, 2021

Whether you’ve already graduated or you have the date set in your diary, you are probably asking yourself what’s next? The question can seem daunting after the set path of school to college or sixth form to university. Now the world is your oyster and you can do anything you want. How are you going to achieve your aims?

What’s right for you?

The first step in looking to the future is deciding what is right for you. Your friends and colleagues will each be starting their own career journey and it can sometimes feel like a race to keep up and get the job or grad scheme place before anyone else does. You may be feeling lost or confused, especially when it seems like everyone around you has a plan.

My best advice is to slow down, block out the noise and truly consider what you enjoy doing. If you have no idea what you want to do, this is the best place to start. In these instances, it is important to ask yourself two simple questions: what do I want? and What is right for me? When you have an answer, you can then begin to take steps to achieve it.

Future planning

Graduate jobs should be far more than just a means to an end. They are the first step in building a career that will bring fulfilment, success and balance to your life. They will also impact how you see your working life in the future so you want your first experience to be as positive as possible.

Many graduates benefit from taking a step back and planning for their first job with the help of supportive, impartial advice. Part of planning for the future is about approaching the task with a sense of clarity rather than concern. By understanding your key skills, motivators and values, you can choose a career that is going to take you where you want to go and which can grow and change as you do.

Career coaching

In my coaching sessions, I use ‘The Intelligent Career Theory’ to help you understand where your strengths lie and what that means for your career. In one-to-one sessions, I use a detailed but informal interview method to have a transparent career conversation.

For new graduates, we discuss how your existing skills can be transferred to the job market and how they will help you make your vision of the future a reality. You do not have to force yourself to fit into one, narrow perception of a graduate employee, there is a whole range of opportunities that are right for you as an individual. 

The process also involves considering what environments you feel you work best in and how this can impact workplace happiness. Whether you prefer to work in groups, pairs, or alone, these factors should inform your career choice and will influence which employers you should be looking at.

Part of our sessions will also focus on raising your confidence in the abilities you already have. We will work together to build your personal brand, and in time your work presence, to maximise your opportunities in the future. This includes writing an excellent CV that truly showcases what you have to offer, as well as working on interview and assessment technique.

Step by step

Once you have taken the steps you need to get your first job, hopefully one that you are truly enthusiastic about, the next stage of your career journey begins. I can offer advice on overcoming first day nerves, coping with your new responsibilities and getting the best start in your role. Many clients also find it useful to have sessions on how to network effectively to open up future opportunities and occasionally mentorship when coping with concerns such as difficult colleagues and workplace politics.

It is important to appreciate that every individual’s career story is different. I can help you find the path that is the best possible fit for your personality and your unique abilities. To start your journey contact me at today.

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