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At Alice Jones Coaching we have many years’ experience working with a diverse range of businesses and we understand that your employees are your most valuable asset.   We will help you to devise strategies that will ensure your staff remain motivated in order to add value to your organisation and grow with your business.  We provide practical assistance and guidance for those employees who are unsure about their career future within your organisation and can assist with outplacement advice and support for those who are leaving your company.
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getting the best from your employees

  • How do I retain good employees?
  • I need to address the gender pay gap in the company. Where do I start?
  • How can I best manage flexible working amongst my team?
  • I need helping in implementing a staff development programme
issues we can help you with

Retaining key staff

Staff development programmes

Flexible working - the benefits and pitfalls

Career breaks and returning to work afterwards

Gender pay gaps

Redundancy and outplacement planning


Flexible working - the benefits and pitfalls

How to retain your best staff

Managing redundancies - reducing the stress for all

How to integrate people returning to work after a long break

The secret of getting ahead is getting started

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I can’t thank Alice enough for how she has changed our lives.
Alice is someone who I would recommend to anyone looking to move into another career path, as she really supports your decisions and ideas and makes you feel enthusiastic about your future possibilities.
Alice is totally committed to those she works with and has a proven track record of achieving success and growing resilience. She is one of the top contributors to the success I enjoy today and I recommend her whole heartedly.
Alice was such a great help in all areas of the graduate job hunt, helping me to totally rewrite my CV, search for suitable roles and prepare for interviews. I would recommend her to anyone!