Where are you on life's journey?

Alice Jones Coaching works with people at every stage of that journey, from school to retirement. We provide specific, tailored advice to the individual to enable them to achieve their personal goals and ambitions.  Alice Jones Coaching not only helps clients who are unsure about their career choices but has also successfully enabled clients who have a clear career plan to achieve their ambitions.
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how can coaching help me?

Working with a professionally trained coach, you will experience a powerful, personalised and detailed career-coaching programme, discovering your own true path, without influence from others. Elements of the coaching will include:
  • Self-awareness exploring individual strengths, achievements, skills, passions, abilities, weaknesses, communication styles
  • Personal branding and guidance on how important this is
  • How to develop a personal career plan
  • Advice and guidance on exploring a variety of careers and the art of networking and informational interviewing
  • Confidence building and knowledge on how to articulate one’s own capabilities effectively
  • Gaining experience at both telephone and face to face interviews
  • Learning how to write a powerful CV
further benefits include
  • Independent, objective and qualified 3rd party intervention
  • Knowledge on the importance of managing one’s own ‘intelligent career’
  • Pursue your own directions and passions
  • Increase your chances of achieving financial independence and personal career satisfaction
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how is the programme delivered?

  • Face to face sessions lasting a maximum of 1.5 - 2 hours each
  • Total of approximately 6 - 8 sessions depending on individual needs
  • Personal career development folder supplied to each client
  • Detailed reports after each coaching session
  • Confidence building and information on how to articulate one’s on-going mentoring and support during the programme