where is your career heading?

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time to change direction?

preparing for retirement?

A new approach to your future
Whether you are here because you have no idea what you want to do in the next stage of your studies or your career journey, or because you are thinking of returning to work after a career break or perhaps are considering a complete change of direction, about to face promotion, redundancy or retirement,
Alice Jones Coaching can help you.
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student coaching

Are you stressed and anxious because you have not achieved your expected grades in exams? Are you are a recent graduate with no idea what to do next? Perhaps you are considering leaving university and taking a study break?

If you are confused or worried about the next steps in your life and career, Alice Jones Coaching will help you to take control, think logically about your options and put an achievable plan in place.
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career change

It is likely that you will make some career changes during your working life. Making the decision to let go of your job, salary, colleagues and possibly moving in a new direction always requires careful planning.

By helping you to approach these events in a measured and non-emotional way, Alice Jones Coaching will work with you to identify the most suitable career direction and implement a strategy for ensuring a successful transition to the next stage of your working life.
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retirement - a new start

Retirement is arguably the biggest transition you will experience in your life. While some people approach it with anticipated excitement and look forward to a new beginning, those who haven’t planned for the consequent mental, physical and social changes can find the process challenging.

Alice Jones Coaching can assist you in planning for this major life event by identifying what is important to you and planning a personal strategy that makes you happy and fulfilled in your new life.
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I would recommend Alice to anyone needing to make a career choice. With her insights, previous first-hand career experience and logical approach, she made the options much clearer and the final decision easier.
Alice was brilliant at preparing me for the rigours of medical school interviews. Having now achieved my place, I cannot thank Alice enough for all the encouragement and support she has given me."
Her enthusiasm is infectious and this combined with all her ideas helps me consider and be more open to trying new things.
Throughout the time I worked with Alice she gave me the confidence I needed to go into interviews and show companies the best side of me.
Thank you for contacting us. We look forward to speaking to you soon.
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