Alice is, in my view, quite simply brilliant. A good listener and easy to work with, she is a productive and enthusiastic sounding board. Alice has helped me work around problems and to think more expansively about things that would have been more of a struggle to achieve alone. The A Levels vs. International Baccalaureate decision, being one of the bigger dilemmas in my life, was made simple by Alice’s logical and proactive approach. By helping me explore my character, particular interests and with some background research and comparison of options, I was left clear in my mind what I wanted to do.

Interviews are disastrous for me, ordinarily. “Selling myself,” doesn’t come easily but some preparation in learning to articulate what I wanted to say in a meaningful, but not arrogant way, was extremely helpful.

Alice by no means does all the work, that would be self defeating. She does though, provide a filter for all the noise and the tools to distil thoughts down to simple aims and then to build the platform from which to achieve them.


Alice has been absolutely brilliant with our daughter in helping her secure a place to study medicine at Southampton university.  Not only was she able to guide our daughter through the rigours of applying to medical schools, but she filled the gap left by the school’s standard UCAS application advice, which was quite rudimentary.  Alice guided both our daughter, and us, through the whole process, helping her secure work experience and developing her interview skills.  She prepared her well for this very demanding process and our daughter felt fully confident as she went into interviews.

Alice has enormous experience and knowledge, but also an easy manner with young people that builds trust.  She encourages, but can also speak plainly when necessary.  Her tireless energy is infectious, and leaves everyone feeling positive and energised.  We recommend Alice unreservedly.


Every parent needs an Alice in their lives - she is a calming, guiding, confidence boosting, information extractor that will help your child realise and achieve exactly what they want in a remarkably caring way - my son was helped with his personal statement for his uni application... the finished article is spot on, rounds him up perfectly and is written in an articulate and clear way.  Alice guided helped him prepare for the rigours of university presentations and interviews. He was delighted to be offered an unconditional place at his first choice of university


Emily - Parent to Will

My 14yr old son had returned to live with me

After some years with his Dad, both of us had to re-adjust, he was getting in trouble and this led me to believe I didn’t have the skills to parent well.

With Alice’s help my confidence grew to manage the situation, she gave me the tools, the resources and the confidence to step into the role of full time single parent and get our lives on track. She is an incredible sounding board and by following her guidance and utilising services that she introduced me to we have turned everything around.

My son is no longer in trouble, I am a confident happy parent, with the ability to deal with the majority of parenting situations, but most importantly the ability to seek help when I need it now and not slip into a “failing” mindset.

 I can’t thank Alice enough for how she has changed our lives. 

I think this kind of coaching will help me in more than just the parenting side of my life, 

I feel the confidence in myself not to fail has transferred to my business life as well.


Alice is a superstar! Thank you for helping my boys! Her coaching was invaluable and without her help Tom wouldn't have got his place at University! Her mantra of "keep going & if you get a toe in the door kick it open" worked wonders! Alice's expert advice from how to craft a well thought out personal statement to on the ground problem solving was amazing! She is tenacious & won't let disappointing results get in the way of making the right choices! Thank you Alice Jones!


Alice has been an amazing help to all 3 of my boys. From helping with University choices, to writing Personal statements she made the whole process understandable & dealt with all our concerns with amazing efficiency. My youngest son has today got into his university of choice with Alice's help. I cannot recommend her & her coaching services enough.
Thank you Alice

Neil and Tracy

In the autumn of 2010, I was facing my senior year with poor organisational skills and an inability to concentrate and focus on my class work. I needed someone to work with me to help me put forward a confident application and prepare myself for the upcoming exams.

 Over the next year Alice Jones showed me my strengths and how to go about maximizing my potential, and as a result of this I had a much easier time understanding my coursework which resulted in a sudden improvement of my grades.

 Thanks to Alice Jones, I am part of a minority fortunate enough to go to university in 2011. Alice Jones is a valuable individual who I would highly recommend for any student or organisation seeking to improve their weaknesses as the crucial hours I have spent with her have led me to become an academic achiever.


I have found the career coaching very helpful, it has helped me to broaden my outlook on what I can achieve. This was especially true over last summer.

Alice helped me to organize work experience and gave me brilliant ideas such as working in a museum, something that I would have had no idea how to organize alone. Her enthusiasm is infectious and this combined with all her ideas helps me consider and be more open to trying new things. When it came to choosing universities and doing my personal statement, Alice was able to provide different opinion and give different insights compared to what I get at school.


I failed my first year at Bath and it knocked all my confidence. Alice was recommended to my mum through another student. Alice spent a long time working with me and got me to understand that the reason I failed my course was that I was not motivated or passionate about the degree I was taking.

She helped me build my confidence back up and together we worked through all the things that were causing me stress. I am now at another university, taking a degree I absolutely love and I am very happy and settled. Alice still works with me and is helping me with networking and putting a career plan together.


At the beginning of my last year of 6th form I was really undecided on what I wanted to do afterwards. This was the case up until the end of December, when my UCAS deadline was due, and Alice’s help and support managed to help me see where I wanted to go and together we got through the whole UCAS process stress-free and in time.

Alice was enormously helpful in making my future choices much simpler and focussed. We went through the process together, all the way from writing a really individual personal statement to accepting UCAS offers and one of the best things was that you were never on your own, Alice was always there, following you up and making sure everything was done properly and on time. Alice’s positive and enthusiastic presence made the whole process much easier as I felt like I was being encouraged and helped to make choices rather than being forced to.

Alice is someone who I would recommend to anyone looking to move into another career path, as she really supports your decisions and ideas and makes you feel enthusiastic about your future possibilities.    


The programme I took part in with Alice has been the most useful and rewarding experience I have ever had. The guidance she gave and discoveries she enabled helped me go from almost complete confusion as to choosing a career path, to being excited about an area I knew was right for me. Her course would be invaluable to anyone making career or education based decisions, and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Clearly a frontrunner in her field. 

I really mean this - I am so appreciative for all your help over the summer,and am so excited about PR and my internship. 

I have also just recommended you to a friend, so will see if she decides to start. 


Alice is a fantastic coach, she has kept all our heads together and guided us positively through the last year! After a poor set of GCSE results my son did not have much confidence, but really wanted to get to University. At a time when parent/teen interaction can become tense! Alice's calm mentoring and "can do" attitude has been invaluable. Yesterday my son secured his place at his first choice university, Sheffield. We are all very grateful for everything Alice has done and could not recommend her highly enough


Alice has helped all my children and has been a very positive influence on them. She has the ability of helping people face an issue, see round the corner of a problem and sort it out. Alice has helped my children with interview techniques and helped give them a confidence to believe in themselves. I would highly recommend Alice to anyone who is wavering on which path they should take.


Alice has worked with both of our sons and provided invaluable support in preparing them for university. She brings with her a tireless enthusiasm and passionate belief in every individual’s potential for success, together with a wealth of coaching knowledge and work experience. Alice is skilled at understanding each person’s aspirations and abilities, and tailors her help specifically to enable individuals to achieve their goals and ambitions.

In the case of our youngest son who wanted to follow an Arts based Film degree on the back of science based A Levels, she helped him develop his personal statement which enabled him to get offers and requests for his portfolio from all his applications. Quite an achievement when his college advisor had stated that he had little chance of success.

We would recommend Alice to any parent who has children / young adults needing help in focussing on what they want to do at university and next career steps e.g. apprenticeships / available opportunities to support their learning.     


Alice was such a great help in all areas of the graduate job hunt, helping me to totally rewrite my CV, search for suitable roles and prepare for interviews. She really understood the areas that I needed assistance with and identified great ways to improve my confidence at interviews. She had fantastic insight into the interview process and the best ways to prepare. She was also very quick to respond to emails and regularly sent me useful updates, always following up after interviews and inspiring me to find a job that I would be happy in. I’ve since secured a role in a great company in my desired industry and I am very grateful to Alice for all of her innovative help. I would recommend her to anyone!    


Before I met Alice, I wasn't at all sure of how I was going to even approach the up coming University and course choices, I only had a half hearted idea that I was going to carry on with art, starting with a foundation course. However after just a few sessions we began to assess my options, and through some soul searching, managed to narrow down the course I really wanted to take.

Although a lot of the decisions I made were my own, Alice has always been there to push me, keep my aims high, and believing in my potential. I am almost finished with the course of sessions now, and Alice's help has been invaluable, helping me find work experience, and with her extensive network of friends, introducing me to useful contacts. The course has helped me to become more confident in my abilities, and to not be weary of the future. Without this course, I know that I would not be where I am now.


Alice has been so amazing at helping me secure my place at medical school. Applying for medicine was such a daunting prospect, knowing that I needed to do so much in order to give me a good chance of getting in. Alice has supported me through every stage, using her intuition and connections to help me gain relevant work experience, build my application and write my personal statement. Alice was also brilliant at preparing me for the rigour of medical school interviews, so I felt confident to answer anything that came my way. I left every session feeling more and more positive about my application. Having now achieved my place at medical school, I cannot thank Alice enough for all the encouragement and support she has given me."


Alice Jones has been coaching Michael for the last year to help him with school work, in preparing for International Baccalaureate exams, and in gaining a place at University.

Alice’s work was enormously successful, and Michael now has a place at one of the Universities of his choice under UCAS. Alice helped Michael to get well organised in structuring his time and priorities. She also coached him to take the initiative and build on his confidence. She encouraged him to believe that he could achieve challenging goals.

This was all done in a relaxed environment, creating a continuously positive approach, with an underlying belief in never giving up. She combines cutting edge management consulting techniques, with a through understanding of children’s problems and challenges. She also understands the University application process, with all its complexities and unwritten processes.

 We would recommend Alice to anyone seeking to “raise the bar” at school and achieve their goals.

Peter & Bonnie Clutterbuck

At the start of my final year of University I approached Alice as I needed help marketing myself and preparing for interviews in order to secure graduate employment. In our first meeting Alice listened to my objectives and we set a direction from there, Alice was always flexible in her approach and ensured my objectives were met. In the first few meetings we used the ICCS, this helped me to visualise what I wanted from my career and the process of thinking about the different options was invaluable when it came to writing cover letters and explaining why I wanted a certain role at interview. 

From here Alice produced a revamped CV which highlighted my key skills in relation to the jobs I wanted. Moving forward Alice found lots of opportunities that I would not have considered myself and although not all of them suited me it opened my eyes to the different options my degree offered. I found the job I have accepted as a result of one of Alice’s suggestions. 

When I was preparing for interviews Alice would help by researching the nature of the interview and providing tailored questions so I was prepared for anything that may come up. Throughout the time I worked with Alice she gave me the confidence I needed to go into interviews and show companies the best side of me. 


Initially I sat down to discuss the correct A Level pathway, and having just accepted a graduate job offer, I can say with absolute certainty that this would never have been possible without the unquestionably effective step by step coaching, friendship and motivation received directly from Alice. 

With extensive knowledge on A Level choices, UCAS, personal statements, CV formats & content, work experience and graduate opportunities, combined with directed and efficient research skills, Alice has the recipe for success. Whether this is choosing the next step or having the confidence to take a step back, it is this composure in an approachable and friendly environment which makes Alice's coaching so unique. 

Alice is a talented and devoted person, creating an invaluable relationship with each tutee, taking the time to realise what that individual needs to hear, not wants to hear. 

If you find yourself in any situation where you feel you need guidance about any aspect your future, Alice has the commitment, initiative and proven methodologies to help you.   


Thanks to Alice for all your help and support, particularly as Rowan took such a career choice u turn! He is over the moon to get his place at Brighton


Alice was a great help to me as she aided me with writing my personal statement by reading over my drafts and seeing room for improvement. Because of this, I went on to receive offers from university. She was always readily available and easy to contact. She was a brilliant help! Thank you Alice, great service and highly recommended!  


Thank you! Alice has helped me for a number of years now, her work with me has enabled me to open many new doors. Alice's help enabled me to craft a professional and creative personal statement that landed me an offer from all of my applied universities, including those which I was told by my college I could never get. Alice asked the right questions which in turn led me to see the career I wish to achieve and taught me the necessary skills in net working to maximise my chances. Alice's connections know no bounds and I'm positive without her help I would not have been so excited on results day. Thank you Alice


After graduating with a degree in Psychology I was unsure which direction to take in my future career. With Alice’s help I was able to choose between my options for a masters in either Clinical Neuroscience or Occupational Psychology. Using the ICCS Alice was able to determine my key motivators and skills which will be important and necessary for me in any job I have. Understanding these helped me to make the decision to study Clinical Neuroscience as this would lead to a career most fitting to my key skills and motivators.  

Following this, Alice then guided me through the interview process to gain relevant work experience towards my future DClinPsych applications. All work was completed in a relaxing setting with Alice’s continued support and enthusiasm proving most encouraging. I would recommend Alice to anyone needing to make a career choice with her insights and previous first-hand career experience and logical approach made the options much clearer and the final decision easier.  


Alice is a highly skilled, intuitive coach, who is passionate about helping young people realise and achieve their full potential. Key to Alice’s success is that she builds strong rapport with her students, through her genuine interest, guidance and understanding.

This combined with her professional and objective approach, inspires and motivates her students to achieve their full potential. Alice, your meeting with Laura has been like an injection, she has been busy emailing, packing and diarising stuff!


Thank you to Alice for all your help and support.  It was invaluable in helping me secure my posting as project manager in Costa Rica and Nicaragua with Raleigh International.  Not only did you give me hugely important advice, you talked through the practicalities of the application process and what would be required on my assessment weekend.  You also bolstered my confidence and made me think that I could do this – you are awesome.


Alice visited me in December and gave me valuable information for my Personal Statement, such as gaining a better structure and more focus around my course. Additionally, she highlighted the weaknesses and how I could improve it. Thanks to Alice I was able to send off my Personal Statement within a short time frame with confidence, which I may not have been able to have done otherwise.    

Working with Alice Jones has been a pleasure and instrumental to my positive transformation, both professionally and personally.  Her approach is kind, insightful and empowering and her perspective gave me the clarity needed to understand what success meant to me and how to achieve it.

Alice’s honest appraisal and intuition digs deep to identify areas for positive development within an environment safe for exploration.  It is an effective sounding board for strategic decision making, mapping out each step and then collaboratively figuring out strategies to achieve them.

Alice is totally committed to those she works with and has a proven track record of achieving success and growing resilience.  She is one of the top contributors to the success I enjoy today and I recommend her whole heartedly.  


Working with Alice Jones has been a pleasure and instrumental to my positive transformation, both professionally and personally.  Her approach is kind, insightful and empowering and her perspective gave me the clarity needed to understand what success meant to me and how to achieve it.

Alice’s honest appraisal and intuition digs deep to identify areas for positive development within an environment safe for exploration.  It is an effective sounding board for strategic decision making, mapping out each step and then collaboratively figuring out strategies to achieve them.

Alice is totally committed to those she works with and has a proven track record of achieving success and growing resilience.  She is one of the top contributors to the success I enjoy today and I recommend her whole heartedly.

Suzy - Career Changer

With a wealth of experience, affability, conscientiousness and talent, I can’t recommend Alice highly enough. After graduating from university, I felt completely lost. I had no idea what career I wanted to pursue, nor (despite looking at many websites, taking tests, talking to friends and family and going to career fairs at university) how to find out what I wanted to do. A friend recommended Alice to me, and within four sessions, through immensely in-depth, friendly discussions, Alice helped me to discover highly suitable career paths for me and supported me tirelessly and enthusiastically throughout the process of getting my first job in one such field.

Alice has been incredibly adept at extracting my skills, achievements and what I enjoy doing in order to transfer these into tools to help me start a career in which I can flourish. Furthermore, even though I had found a job after a few weeks’ worth of sessions, Alice continued to support me by giving me advice on how to make the most of my time in my new position, how to network effectively and addressing short to long-term career and life aspirations and methods of achieving them, hence giving me a comprehensive framework with which to proceed in not just my career, but my life as a whole.


"I found myself at a crossroads in my career towards the end of last year, feeling unfulfilled in the role I had at the time and lacking in understanding of the type of job that would allow me to achieve my dreams. WhatI learned about myself during these sessions were both surprising and invaluable. 


Using the ICCS, Alice helped me to understand what my key motivators are and ultimately, the type of role that would fulfil me. Within less than two months of our first session, I had several job offers and secured a really exciting job within a fast-growing FinTech company.


Everything that I learned during my sessions with Alice I will take with me into my new role and beyond. Thanks to Alice’s expertise, guidance and methodical approach, I feel more in control of my career and am excited for what the future holds”.


All the best,

Sam -  Career Changer

Sam - Career Changer
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